Refund policy

To request to return your product: you have 14 calendar days from the date of receipt of your product to exercise your right of withdrawal. After this period, the merchant will have no obligation to accept your return request.

To return your product after having made a request for return: you have again a period of 14 calendar days from the date of your request for return to return the item.

What are the conditions to be able to retract?

The article must not have been used.
If not, and in the case where the item has been returned to the merchant, your refund will be partial or even impossible.

How to proceed to a refund ?

On request to the Customer Service. After validation, you will receive your return form by email.
After control of the merchandise with regard to the declaration, the refund will be made within 5 working days.

When will your refund be triggered?

In case of retraction, your refund will be triggered within 30 calendar days following the date on which you asked to return your product. However, the merchant can delay your refund until the day he receives your package or until a proof of shipment is provided.

An email will be sent to you at the time your refund is triggered.

Who pays for the return shipping?

If your refusal is due to a retraction (change of mind about your purchase)
In the case of a retraction, the return shipping costs will be at your charge and automatically deducted from your refund even if the initial shipping costs were offered.

Your refund will be effective after receipt of the item in the merchant's warehouse and after verification of its general condition.

If your refusal is due to an anomaly found on your product
In this case, the return costs will be charged to the merchant.